• Contrato con la secretaria de Marina


    • National Export Award.
    • Mexican Navy Contract
    • PEMEX Reliable Supplier Certificate.
    • Home Depot USA Contract.
    • PEMEX Refinery Contract 2014-2018.
    • Main known provider for the towing industry in Mexico.
    • Strategic Partnership with CSL Brazil 2015-2020 for anchoring lines in deep and ultra-deep water platforms.
  • Desarrollo de cabos para Pemex

      2015 Projects

    • Ropes Development for PEMEX PEP.
    • Standard Development for mooring and anchor ropes in deep water platforms.
    • Hydrocarbon load and unload marine hoses for monobuoys of PEMEX REFINERY and PEP.
    • Ropes Project for Soccer Stadium in Oaxaca, OAX.
    • Botanic Garden Project.
    • Mexican Secretariat of the Interior Rope Project
    • Supersteel Aquaculture Rope Project for the tuna farms located in Ensenada, Baja California.
    • To be the sole rope provider for flexible concrete mats in Mexico.
  • Durante 2014 desarrollamos nuevos produtos

      2014 Projects

    • Rope Development for the flexible concrete mats industry.
    • Nets Development for wildlife crossings on the main highway from Mérida to Cancún,Quintana Roo.
    • Specialized Rope Development for PEMEX REFINARY.
    • Rope Development for Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen Resort.